Shanika Tyler

SHE Floral Design Co.
Lead Designer - President

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Meet “SHE”

As a licensed Real Estate Agent, Tyler developed a love for interior spaces.
It wasn’t until after she launched her career in Wedding Floral Design, that
she realized how much life flowers can bring to any space. Shanika studied
Interior Design and Floral Design, where she was able to perfect her passion
in the design industry.

As owner & lead designer of SHE Floral Design Co., Tyler has over 10 years
of experience in the floral design industry. She is able to take her knowledge
of fresh floral arranging techniques and incorporate them into the design
esthetics of Faux Flowers, giving them the same visual effect of fresh flowers.

Shanika has designed for several major corporations, her work is published
across multi media platforms as well as reputable collaborations.

Shanika Tyler
SHE Floral Design Co.
Designer - President